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Specializing in large video screen rentals and sales integration since 1989. Video WallTronics welcomes your photos of events that we have done for our customers. If you have a digital photo of an event we worked on together, please consider submitting it to us for display here. Don’t forget to add PHOTO CREDIT and a caption about the image.

Video WallTronics is about big screens. We are the most experienced and exceptionally qualified big screen companies in the industry. If you are looking to rent or buy large LED screens for your show, outdoor event or for a permanent installation we can help. Our LED screens make your big production a success.

At Video WallTronics, all we do is big screens. This helps us focus in making your event the best event.

To find a big screen for your event, there is a simple 1-2-3 process:

• Pick the size and resolution you need.
• Pick the staging.
• Then call for a QUOTE.

Call Video WallTronics, Inc. at (302) 328-4511 or email vidwall@aol.com.

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PLSN Interview

PLSN: How did you begin your career in the entertainment industry?

Mitch Kaplan: My entry into the visual arts started in 1978. A schoolmate and I secured the rights to sell the print services for 3M brand Scanamural, the first large format, ink jet printer. This was the beginning of digital printing. It eventually evolved into billboard size, photo quality print vinyl graphics that you see everywhere. In 1988, Large Format Digital video display evolved from the technology of pixel manipulation. We were pioneers and the times were very exciting. Our very first sales call netted a $250,000 rush order for a sports marketing company. That was our catalyst into the digital world.

What was the defining moment that made you want to be part of the industry?

I remember visiting a tradeshow called TS2, a tradeshow for tradeshow people. There I met Arthur Milanese from Philadelphia PA. He was representing a video wall product from Europe. The Gunderman 4x4 CRT monitor wall system sold for about $180,000 at the time. I explained that I might have a customer who would be interested to purchase one, and I needed a resellers’ agreement. I went back to the very same customer that bought the digital print (10 years earlier), and they loved the system so much, they bought two of them. After that sale, I don’t recall selling print graphics again. I was hooked on the digital age of video display. Arthur passed away in March 2009, but his family still operates the business, now called Video Visions, in Philadelphia. The technology evolved from CRT monitors to CRT projectors, then LED rental and staging, permanent LED installation design, then mobile and architectural and creative displays for broadcast.

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VWT now Working with Nike

Visual Word Sytems Provides Audio and Video Services to Nike, in New York City, and chooses Video WallTronics for thier "Portavision" Mobile LED Display POD for Iphone Direct to LED screen. The Drag & Fly Mobile LED screen pod was wrapped and placed court side for 3 days and nights of events, promoting the Nike + iPhone application. HDMI Cable allows direct viewing on the 10 X 17 ft wide LED screen.

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Video WallTronics, Advertising Budgets increased for 2012

Video WallTronics has secured an ad campaign with Timeless Communications Corp. for 2012. Please look for our advertisements in The Event Production Directory, on the web at www.EPDWEB.com and Projection, Lights and Staging News, www.PLSN.com

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